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Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 12 Lentille Bracelet

Have just finished up an off loom project that is a gift for a friend....
This is a fun pattern....called "Lentille" uses 11 round seed beads (I used Toho bronze) and matt finish black 2 hole Czech Mates in a tubular adaptation of herringbone stitch. You can find the pattern at Bead Dreamers
http://www.beadreamers.net/    Her instructions are very good, lots of diagrams.

Now back to some loomwork...

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year !!  No resolutions here.....but will try to figure out more about blogging, beading, and my many other hobbies and interests.The blogging is going to take a bit of thought....I know where I want posts/pages to be, but getting the computer to put them where I want them is the problem......bear with my frustrations with blogging !! Old dog learning new stuff....Haven't posted since Feb. 2013....need to relearn what to do....LOL...if I can...
I have joined several beading groups, so will try to figure out how to show what I am doing in each group with one blog page...it may not be possible...but I will try to figure out this blogging thing this year.
I need to get some Free form peyote done, finish up a loom project that was a Christmas challenge, re-warp a loom for a Santa Bracelet that was published in the Digital Bead Magazine by Caron Reid, start a Bead Journal project, and finish up some bead weaving and try my hand at bead embroidery....I got some wonderful pieces from Laura Mears that need to be played with, plus alot of lampwork beads begging to come out of hiding....Good thing I retired in May of 2013....maybe I will get myself motivated to work on the things I love....Beading, Quilting, Miniatures, Altered Art, Gardening, and numerous other things that are begging to be tried. Somehow all these interests seem to intertwine....and get me into more trouble....
Beads from Bobby Bead for my stash!!

Got to visit Bobby Bead on Dec. 29 with my sister in Minneapolis....what fun we had !! Got more beads and findings for my stash. Somewhat organized my stash to see what UFO's are waiting.....and see what I have for stash to start creating. 
So, let the new year begin....I am ready for fun !!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


February 20, 2013

 This has been a great experience....my Free Form Peyote Challenge piece is coming along nicely....but it isn't finished...and I can't work on it too much the next couple of days, so I will post it as it is right now.
 I will post the progress on this piece on the FREE FORM PEYOTE FB PAGE

 To see the process getting it to this point, check
out the Free Form Peyote Challenge Attempt 2
page on the right.

I didn't plan real well, my focal points were
off to each side and not centered on the
bracelet...so I started embellishing it with more
picture 1

 I used a glass button for the closure and
added a loop to go over it...I plan to add more
beads to the loop and to the pink bridge below
the button.
picyure 3
 The center of the above piece I am still working on that part...the graduated pink beads aren't secured on that 'embellished' part. The embellish
part to the right may be complete...not sure.
 View from opposite direction...
 Another view from the other direction...just trying to get different perspective on it..
 this is the view of the central part I am still
working on.
 Upside down view of the same area...I think I may bring in more of the light pearl triangle beads.

Seems the piece keeps growing....it is fun just
letting it develop.
Looking forward to seeing everyone's challenge piece....please stop back to see how this one 'grows'....

Sunday, February 10, 2013

February 10....Blizzard Day !!!

Started the FFP project over with new colors ...went with shades of peach and green. Hopefully this will go better...see STARTING OVER ATTEMPT #2 for pictures.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

FFP and other F stuff

Feb. 3.....working on my challenge for the FFP project.....Brings to mind other  'F' things that don't always work for me...like FIMO, FACES and FINISHING.....I tried to sculpt faces with Fimo... well the final project resembled a cross between the creature from Lord of the Rings and the odd creature from the Harry Potter movie....we called IT "Wilbur"......needless to say Fimo and Faces aren't my thing....and I seem to have an aversion to FINISHING things...
So today I am working on the FFP......and it is a good thing I can laugh at my FLOPS.....this first project is probably never going to be finished and worn....unless it starts to take some form....So if you want to laugh with me...check out the tab to the right called FREE FORM PEYOTE CHALLENGE.

Friday, February 1, 2013


Working on the ffp challenge...check my progress under the FREE FORM PEYOTE CHALLENGE TAB.....this is definitely a challenge....out of my usual comfort zone...but I just love the ffp pieces I see online....

Sunday, January 27, 2013

More on the Organizing..

Due to the sub-zero weather we have been having in North Dakota I took a few days to attempt organizing my beads (at least the ones I can find...there are more stashed elsewhere with other craft projects....) Hopefully by getting all my unfinished projects and the patterns and supplies in one container and organizing all the beads that are waiting to be used I will be able to finish some projects and start the Free Form Challenge. I am excited to try this new style of beadweaving....I love the idea that it is a "no rules" adventure. I will be gathering the beads that I will try to include in this project ...looking forward to the project.
I also took pictures of some of my finished and unfinished bead projects to add to my blog...under Bead Projects Past and Present....maybe it will help me to be inspired to finish up some of these ... one can always dream....