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February 9
 Here we go ..... Attempt #2 at Free Form Peyote....

Attempt # 1 is in permanent time out...for now...I have decided to try again with fewer colors and less planning...so here are the beads I have picked out for attempt #. And my starting row of beads.

And a few more rows.....not sure about it, time to get some sleep. Maybe it will look better in the morning.

February 10, 2013

Well......I was going to rip it out and start over, but I decided to just carry on and see what happened today...heavy snow and almost blizzard outside, so good day to bead.

 Not sure why the thingy on the right side happened...started out with a bridge on the top and then decided to extend it around the bottom....maybe these beads are starting to get through to me....this attempt seems to be going alot better than the last one....where the thingy is on the right is also a twist, and there is a spot to the left that wanted to twist too....so I went with what they wanted...(I think....we will see).....

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  1. i love your attempts. freeform does better with no thinking and sometimes just picking the bead of the bead mat. interested to see your finished item.
    diane, new zealand