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Sunday, January 27, 2013

More on the Organizing..

Due to the sub-zero weather we have been having in North Dakota I took a few days to attempt organizing my beads (at least the ones I can find...there are more stashed elsewhere with other craft projects....) Hopefully by getting all my unfinished projects and the patterns and supplies in one container and organizing all the beads that are waiting to be used I will be able to finish some projects and start the Free Form Challenge. I am excited to try this new style of beadweaving....I love the idea that it is a "no rules" adventure. I will be gathering the beads that I will try to include in this project ...looking forward to the project.
I also took pictures of some of my finished and unfinished bead projects to add to my blog...under Bead Projects Past and Present....maybe it will help me to be inspired to finish up some of these ... one can always dream....

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