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January 28, 2013  
Start of the Free Form Peyote Challenge.
I gathered up some of the 'earth' tone beads and stone gems that I have been gathering since this summer. Also I have some little ceramic
black bear beads....My thoughts are to create a free form peyote (ffp) bracelet that reminds me of the beautiful NorthWoods of Minnesota....and the black bears that live there.
I follow research on black bears that is done near Ely, Minnesota...which is in NE Minnesota and is a beautiful area near the boundry waters. We love the rugged area along Lake Superior and I somehow want to capture 
the colors and beauty of the area in some beadwork. So that is my inspiration....Let the journey begin......

 January 30, 2013

I can see that I have way too many options laid out in Step 1...so Step 2 is to narrow things down to

shades and sizes of greens, browns, earth tones.....and pick out a few gemstones and a couple of the
bear beads to work on...Have Karen's book and have looked at all the sites Mandi suggested and hopefully tomorrow will start playing with the beads and see where it leads me....I guess if I don't like it I can start a second one.....I have plenty of beads....I am nervous about starting...butI think once I get going it will be fun....One of my problems is trying to work contrast in my work....So I have included some light colored beads...may have to add more...decisions, decisions......

Feb 1

This is definitely not easy...I find following patterns easier....trying to be 'free'....started a couple of rows, then added to it...not sure if I will leave it, continue...or just start over...I guess the main thing is to TRY...and TRY again if it doesn't turn out..after all, there are no rules, right???

 I made my starter rows, then decided to bead around the rectangle stones...

Feb. 3.......I am glad I can laugh at my efforts.....and I am..........

It is hard to see the black bear
beads on the base.....and the rectangle I beaded around just doesn't fit anywhere....

I really think FFP can go on my list of FFFFF stuff.
all things that I am definitely challenged by......
Definitely am finding this a CHALLENGE>>>>>>>


The bears are not cooperating at all....in fact they are being downright difficult....

I decided to not use the rectangle bead I beaded around.....I tried to anchor the bears better...then decided they needed more 'trees' and then they needed a lake....it just gets bigger....now I think they need more trees and sky....but they look like they are 'hanging' out on ledges over the lake...

So yesterday we were in Fargo...went to the bead store in search of sky blue colors...and then just bought a whole different bunch of beads and will hope the second attempt at FFP goes better....will not go so 'earthy' and 'organic' on this next try...and I will leave the bears out of this one entirely and go for something 'springy' to combat the winter blahs and zero temps.... I may try adding to this one just to finish it...It really is at the "ugly duckling" stage...and I have very little hope for it...and glad that we have until Feb. 23 to reveal....

Water added below the bears.
I have some blue bugle beads that 
may work for making the water look
more 3 -D....and maybe adding
some sky above will even it out.

February 8  HELP !!!! 

 I worked on the 'bear' bracelet today for a little bit....I think I need help !! I think I need to add a few more bugle beads to the water to 'smooth' it out. I added one 3-D 'tree' by the bear on the left...thinking I need to add another where the other arrow is on the right side....any thoughts????? Then there is the wavy thing going on where the sky meets the green stuff where.......so should I add more to make it more of a cuff that is as wide as the widest part or just give up and put a clasp on it????? I do think it needs one more tree thingy. Below are a couple of pictures of how it drapes on my chubby arms...

Really think I may be at the point of almost 
done...maybe time to throw in the towel, add  the clasp and try a different free form project.

I was going for 'organic' and something with the black bears on this one...maybe over planned????

Thoughts anyone ?????

February 9

This project on hold......will start on FFP project #2 and hope it goes better !!! So much for the bears...they would probably be better done as an embroidered piece and not a bracelet...
so see my other page STARTING FFP OVER, ATTEMPT 2


  1. Leanne, from what I can see, you are actually making great progress and I like a lot of what you're doing. I think your biggest problem with the bears is simply that you put them on such a dark background, so they tend to blend in, especially in the pictures. That just means that they are a little bit of a secret for the wearer. I found it interesting how you built a landscape - your techniques remind me of bead embroidery and I really like the effect!

  2. Thanks for the comments...I will have to try and finish this....but got working on the second piece and really am afraid this style of beading could be very addictive....it is fun to see all the different 'styles' that are possible...endless....and exciting.
    I am looking forward to more challenges..