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Being side tracked is a way of life for me. Family and friends have no choice but to accept the fact I am easily and readily side tracked in everything I do. I have many interests and talents...I have my creative parents, family members, and friends to thank for that...The side tracking...well, I am completely sure that is just my ultimate flaw....not my only flaw, but definitely my biggest flaw.
I was working as a RN in South Dakota and met my husband....sidetrack to plans...move to North Dakota 'temporarily'....30 years later here we are, still in North Dakota..with too many hobbies and belongings to even consider moving. Along the way I got involved in Scale Miniatures, joined the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts. Got interested in quilting, accumulated lots of fabric. Got interested in beads (they work good in miniatures and in quilts), acquired lots of beads. Bought alot of books on the above hobbies as well as supplies. Got interested in machine embroidery, bought embroidery machine and supplies. I also like collecting teddy bears (stuffed ones), and dolls....all sizes and scales.

Love nature...love monarch butterflies ... got interested in raising them. I have flower beds...but usually the weeds win...I love bearded iris.  Love black bears and watch a den cam every winter and follow a clan of bears that are in northern Minnesota. Love cats....live with 4 of them. We feed outside birds and now have a cockateil that joined our crazy household, along with 2 turtles. A real Zoo here.....
Found out that even though you live in the sticks the UPS and USPO and the internet can bring whatever you need right to your door !!! I have decided I do not have time for a real job, I have way too many hobbies. I still have the husband, who puts up with my obvious OCD and ADHD tendencies, mostly because he is just as easily sidetracked as I am...we make a good pair...

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