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 January 20, 2014

Working a little on Santa.....he has a ways to go.

January 3, 2014    Started on a Santa cuff that was published in the Digital Beading Australia Issue 7 December 2013...it was on the cover "Sweetest Santa Cuff" by Caron Reid. I am anxious to try this as it is a new technique for the embellishment of the loomed cuff.   Here is a link to their magazine... http://www.digitalbeading.com.au 

Taking the picture I see an error on the third row from the top right...that will mean some frog stitching tomorrow.....but so far going pretty good.

Error corrected....added 5 rows to top and bottom...but realize that
it doesn't look just like the picture of the next step...luckily Caron's website had a complete pattern for the loomwork...the magazine had cut off the bottom rows...So I finished the looming.
 Now I'm ready to start adding the embellishing ....
 All the threads are in place for the next step...

January 12...
I didn't have the same crystals that Caron used for the buttons, so I bought some
Swarovski Elements to use for the buttons. Only one more silver strip to make and then the twisting and securing begins.....Looking pretty cool !!

Will update when I do more !! Check back..

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