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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Getting organized....

Trying to get this blog organized...this is a post from July 2012 about my sunflower necklace that I am still working on. Got the pattern at THE BEAD SHACK in Las Vegas in May....it is a work in progress.


I am SO glad I searched for the right color delicas for the leaves....( I now have added at least 6 shades of green delica's to my stash...sure wish picking colors online were easier..much better to see them in your hand than on a page)...I also am doing one of the sunflowers with double row of crystals...outside the 4mm and inside round of 3mm and on a 16mm crsytal rivoli.. the other 2 flowers will be the 14mm size flower and only single row of crystals...also made 3 sizes of leaves...2 small, 2 medium, and one large...trying to keep ‘odd’ number for the asymmetry of the piece. I used different instructions for the bezel crystal... used Deborah Roberti tutorial from “Around the Beading Table” online site. It has excellent pictures and instructions. Didn’t even try the ones that were with the original instructions...this went together easy with the alternative instructions.This is my very first attempt at a bezel rivoli....and I was pleasantly surprised at how it went..thanks to Deborah Roberti's instructions it was pretty painless. Not perfect and the second row of crystals isn't complete...about half are on in this picture.

I used Delica DB 0391 Opaque Matte Asparagus 11* seed beads, for my 15 I used Yiuiki Rocailles transparent silver lined dark gold(2328SB). ( These really look brownish orange to me, but they seem to give me the effect of the real colors of sunflowers)  I also used some of the delica matte asparagus in a 15* on the bezel...and the crystals are 'Sunflower' color Swarovski 4mm and 3mm size. (found out that colors look different online...first ordered 'Sun' color and they were neon orange...ish) The bezels are with the vitrail medium 16mm and 14mm (2). It is the 16mm one shown above in the pictures. Haven’t started the necklace strap yet. I think the rivoli's would look good with copper color, but the vitrial gives an iridescent green color that is pretty. I am having fun making this necklace and really am happy the way the colors are working out.

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