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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Changes to Beading projects...

This is a project I started in May while at the "Bead Shack" in Las Vegas...(Where we had lots of fun with the gals that worked there and the other beaders that came for afternoons of beading and visiting...definitely a great shop to visit and spend time at). Of course the sample was in different colors...which I really liked...and of course those beads were not available..so I selected these beads .
(Please excuse the thread tails)
I was very anxious to try the russian leaves that make up the flower petals..there is still more fringe of beads that will be added to the center pearl...the colors in the picture aren't real good...the bracelet is a herringbone stitch done with 8 hex beads that are silver lined bright lime green... the petals are a mauve delica with bright fushia for the veins. Definitely stepping out of my comfort zone for colors...I like the lime green, but the glitzy with the silver lined are not my usual...So, I just am not sure if I really like the 2 together...so....I ordered an oblong crystal...the color is Astrial pink.Swarovrski..it is hot pink and orange...really hot pink ....and earlier this week got a couple of orange colored 11's and some firepolish and other orange/pink beads...

I also have some metallic hot pink 11's and will make a bezel out of the crystal..maybe some russian leaves out from under that...not sure yet...It all seems much happier with the lime green base bracelet.
So then the left over russian leaf flower...I have some dark blue/purple hex iris beads (left side) or the matte metallic dark forest green hex beads on the right side. I am of course leaning towards the green beads.
Decisions, decisions.....

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